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  • Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanse...

    l hundred percent free of soap, using a special cleaning ingredients and amino acids from plant extracts l pH pH5.4 is a weak acid, weak acid close to human skin, l will not have tight feeling after

    Selling price$ 784 yuan

  • Pure Skin Cleansing Gel

    Innovative coating adhesion formula unloading wash gel, makeup and all kinds of dirt can be removable, so that makeup and dirt oil dirt do not build, simple and easy to achieve deep cleansing and puri

    Selling price$ 1104 yuan

  • Rejuvenating Rose Water

    Elegant and pleasant aroma of roses with pure dew moisturizing, long-lasting moisture to help the skin, make skin supple and full Rouxi sense. Required to provide skin moisturizing factor, giving the

    Selling price$ 1600 yuan

  • Enzyme Deep Cleansing Exfo...

    Non-abrasive exfoliating formula Moderate or exciting, enzyme-containing component and water retention, skin, clean pores once yo. Removal of aging skin and deep pores of dirt, so that the pores clo

    Selling price$ 784 yuan

  • Intensive Hydrating Serum

    Add moisturizing ingredients hyaluronic acid into the skin fresh and moist moisture, improve skin water storage. Repair dry and damaged skin problem of long-term weather and moist. Strengthen the sk

    Selling price$ 1600 yuan

  • Extreme Hydration Treatmen...

    Contains deep moisturizing formula, tender loving care, facial skin, fresh and not sticky feeling, leaving skin smooth and compact, while emitting a soft and bright good face. With excellent moisturiz

    Selling price$ 1600 yuan